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This page provides information about the Cryptomatte render element in V-Ray for SketchUp. 



Cryptomatte is a method developed by Psyop for efficiently encoding accurate mattes. It typically uses three to five automatically generated render channels stored in a multichannel OpenEXR file which removes the hassle of creating dozens or hundreds of Multimattes. 

Compared to the Multimatte Render Elements, Cryptomatte offers the following:

  • Does not require a setup with object IDs, etc.
  • Only requires a fixed number of additional render elements, typically four.
  • Cannot be propagated through reflections or refractions.





Currently, Cryptomatte render element works only with the Bucket Image Sampler (Progressive switched off).

UI Path

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Create Asset > Render Elements > Cryptomatte


ID Type – Specifies how the ID mattes are created.

Object Name – Creates mattes based on object names. Note that object IDs are used in case no scene name is specified.
Material Name – Creates mattes based on the materials in the scene.
Object Name with Hierarchy – Creates mattes by object names with full scene hierarchy path.
Layer Names – Creates mattes based on the layer names the object belongs to.