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Official release

Date - Apr. 29, 2020

Download - 4.20.02


Installation & Licensing

  • The Chaos Group License Server is updated to version 5.4.0

Workflow Improvements

  • The quality slider presets are updated. The quality of the rendered image is now consistent between all the engines (CPU, CUDA and RTX) and sampler types (Progressive and Bucket)
  • The quality slider presets count is increased to six. The new preset labels are ‘Low’, ‘Low+’, ‘Medium’, ‘Medium+’, ‘High’ and ‘High+’. All provide better quality than their older counterparts.
  • The Maximum Subdivisions image sampler parameter is now visible at all times (for GPU and also in progressive rendering mode). The value used for GPU rendering is always double the CPU one to ensure consistent quality
  • The Embree related optimization parameters are automatically hidden when the GPU engine is selected. They have no effect in this case
  • The Aperture (F-Number) slider limit is removed. Values from 56 up to 985 will result in Defocus slider values between 0.1 and 0.001 to be displayed
  • Introduced a confirmation window when deleting or purging assets. Using the Shift + Delete keyboard keys removes selected assets without confirmation

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

  • V-Ray material modifications no longer flood the SketchUp’s Undo stack
  • Undoing the V-Ray scene activation no longer causes material duplicates to appear in the project
  • Undoing material rename no longer causes material duplicates to appear in the project
  • A number of other issues related to using the Undo in SketchUp are resolved
  • Scene modification during progressive production rendering no longer restarts the process
  • A number of issues with Section Planes and batch rendering are resolved
  • All bitmap textures stored in the SketchUp model now use the Sharp Isotropic filtering type
  • License error messages no longer appear twice
  • The RTX render engine is now correctly listed in exported vrscene files
  • Viewport camera changes introduced during animation rendering will no longer affect the results
  • Animation property changes are no longer possible while the process is ongoing
  • The geometry compilation stage no longer increases gradually in time with every animation frame
  • Copying or importing proxy mesh components with direct material assignment now correctly copies over the materials
  • Resetting render settings of complex scenes no longer takes extra time