This section contains links to Textures found in V-Ray for Modo.


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V-Ray for Modo adds a number of textures specifically for use with V-Ray. These textures can also be used with any standard Modo Material.

See the links below for more information on specific Textures.





UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures... / V-Ray Utilities



Texture Library

V-Ray Textures

See the General Textures page for more information.



V-Ray Curvature


V-Ray Dirt


V-Ray Distance




V-Ray Edges


-Ray Falloff


-Ray Fresnel




V-Ray Hair Variation


V-Ray Layered


V-Ray Multi Sub




V-Ray PTex


V-Ray Ray Switch


V-Ray Softbox




V-Ray Triplanar





V-Ray Bercon Textures

See the Bercon Textures page for more information.



V-Ray Bercon Noise


V-Ray Bercon Tile


V-Ray Bercon Wood




V-Ray Procedural Textures

See the Procedural Textures page for more information.



V-Ray Bulge


V-Ray Cellular


V-Ray Checker




V-Ray Cloth


V-Ray Granite


-Ray Grid




V-Ray Leather


V-Ray Marble


V-Ray Marble Simple




V-Ray Noise


V-Ray Rock


V-Ray Smoke




V-Ray Snow


V-Ray Speckle


-Ray Splat




V-Ray Stucco


V-Ray Swirl


-Ray Tiles




V-Ray Water





V-Ray Utility Textures

See the V-Ray Utility Textures page for more information.



V-Ray 3-Color Gradient


V-Ray Color Correct




V-Ray Mix


V-Ray RGB Tint




V-Ray Blend Normal Maps





Textures Tools and Utilities

V-Ray comes with additional utilities to assist with texture creation, including a converter for creating tiled EXRs. For more information, please see the Texture Tools and Utilities page.