While V-Ray works with most of the standard SketchUp lights, materials and maps, it also includes several additional plugins which offer functionality not found in SketchUp itself. They are specially optimized for work with V-Ray and using them instead of the standard ones can increase rendering speed significantly.

The V-Ray rendering system includes the following plugins for SketchUp:

Plugin NameDescription
V-Ray rendererThe V-Ray renderer plugin
VRay2SidedMtlA utility material that allows to create thin translucent surfaces like paper, cloth etc.
VRayLightAn area light plugin


A V-Ray sun light with accurate intensity and color based on its position over the horizon.
VRaySkyA procedural HDR environmap map that works with the VRaySun light to create realistic daylight environments.
VRayShadowA raytraced shadow plugin (sharp and area shadows)
VRayDirtA procedural texture that can be used for dirt-like effects or for simulating ambient occlusion.
VRayColorA utility texture that always returns a specified color.
VRayMapA map for adding (glossy) V-Ray reflections/refractions to non-V-Ray materials
VRayHDRIA map for loading HDR images (.hdr file extension) and mapping them as environments
VRayDisplacementModA modifier that enables the V-Ray displacement for an object
VRayProxyA plugin that allows you to specify render-time geometry that will be loaded from an external file
VRayPlaneA geometry plugin that implements an infinite plane primitive.
VRayToonAn atmospheric plugin that produces simple cartoon-style effect.
VRayBmpFilterA plugin for loading texture maps without filtering.
VRayPhysicalCameraA new camera type that allows to simulate the workings of a real-world camera.
VRayAngleBlendMtlA utility material for efficient layering of several different materials.