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V-Ray for 3ds Max adds a number of utility textures that are otherwise unavailable in 3ds Max.


See the links below for more information on specific utility textures.



Section Library


Color to Bump Map | VRayColor2Bump

Converts any RGB texture into a bump map.


V-Ray Composite Map | VRayCompTex

Composes two textures together using provided blending modes.



Curvature Map | VRayCurvature

Samples the underlying mesh for curves.


Distance Map | VRayDistanceTex

Returns colors based on a point's distance from a specified object.



Edge Map | VRayEdgesTex

Creates an effect similar to the wireframe material in 3ds Max.


Hair Information Map | VRayHairInfoTex

Used for varying different shading properties along hair/fur strands.



Multi Sub-Object Map | VRayMultiSubTex

Used to control parameters that can be mapped based on Object ID or Face ID.


Normal Bump Texture | VRayNormalMap

Applies normal map textures on V-Ray compatible geometry including proxies and displaced objects.



Occlusion or Dirt Map | VRayDirt

Used for a variety of effects or producing an ambient occlusion pass.


Ptex Map | VRayPtex

Allows PTex Textures to be used with V-Ray.



Triplanar Texture Mapping | VRayTriplanarTex

Allows quick assignment of 2D textures on objects without suitable UV coordinates.


Unfiltered Map | VRayBmpFilter

Used for exact placement of per-polygon displacement maps.



User-Defined Color Map | VRayUserColor

Reads User-Defined object properties and converts them to a color value.


User-Defined Scalar Map | VRayUserScalar

Reads and returns a single number value from the User-Defined Properties as a result.