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 The Filter generator is a simple tool for composing filters (HDR images in *.hdr format). It is specially designed to produce filters for the V-Ray Lens Effects render effect.




By default, the installation of V-Ray for Rhino installs the filter generator in the folder Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for Rhinoceros\tools.





The Filter generator is easy to use. It's workspace is divided into two panels separated with horizontal line. In the upper panel there are four tabs ( Radially symmetric patternCorona Flare Lines PatternSpecial Flare Lines PatternLenticular Halo ), where you compose the different components of your filter. In every tab you can change the parameters in the right side of the upper panel and instantly see the result in the left side of the upper panel. You can always see the result of the mix of all these components in the left side of the lower panel while all the controls related to mixing are in the right side of this panel. Once you are ready with your mix you can save it in *.hdr format by pressing  File > Export HDR Ctrl+E .

You can also easily save your own presets in *.txt files by pressing  File > Save Preset Ctrl+S  and loading them using File > Open Preset Ctrl+O .