Official release

Date – Jun. 26, 2017

Download – Build 3.60.01


New Features


  • Support for 3ds Max 2018

  • Add Full mode for light select elements and made it the default setting


  • Add material/node picking in VFB

  • Add right-click menu (real zoom, view navigation)


  • Added support for CPU rendering (c++/cpu device type)

  • Added support for NVIDIA NVLink


  • Add support for Full mode Light Select Render Element on GPU

  • Initial support for SSS in MDL


  • Ability to load progressive resumable files in the VFB


  • Add the ability to override textures in MDL parameter initialization with V-Ray plugins


Modified Features


  • Add an option to include or exclude render elements in deep files

  • Add an option to save render elements in separate folders

  • Add more material types to the V-Ray toolbar V-Ray Material button

  • Add warnings and abort the rendering if it fails to read tile data from tiled OpenEXR file

  • Disable subpixel color mapping when using adaptive lights

  • Distributed accumulation of the light contributions for adaptive lights

  • Error in VRayLightLister script with VertexPaint modifier

  • Faster rendering of proxies and instances when Embree is enabled

  • Grey out Motion blur samples when Use default moblur samples is checked

  • If there is only one instance of a mesh in the scene, it should always be static geometry

  • Improve parsing of many small .vrscene files in a single scene

  • Improved error messages for writing raw OpenEXR files

  • Rename the One voxel per mesh option in the V-Ray mesh export dialog to Optimize for instancing and enable it by default

  • Take into account the Skip Existing Images Max option when using V-Ray VFB

  • The default value for the "Dynamic memory limit" option should be 0 (unlimited)

  • V-Ray lights should draw black in the viewports when disabled

  • VRayRawShadow/VRayShadows/VRayMatteShadows render elements are incorrect with adaptive lights


  • Optimized scene updates

  • React to changes in the render mask; - if turned on from the beginning

V-Ray RT

  • Add MaxScript option (vrayExportRTScene incrBaseFrame:true ...) for incremental .vrscene export

  • Improve memory usage when there are millions of instances in the scene

  • Remove Coherent tracing option from the UI

  • When rendering production we should notify the scene nodes for every frame


  • VRayColor2Bump texture is no longer required in order to have bump with procedural textures

  • Enable VRayClipper and VRayDirt to mutually respect each other

  • OpenCL version supports AMD GPUs only

  • Optimized Gradient and Gradient Ramp textures

  • Print a warning that GPU only supports bitmaps in VRayTriplanarTex


  • Add frame number to the Render history images details

  • Add overlay for active right-click menu modes (Real Zoom, Select Object...)

  • Enlarge arrows on flyout buttons as they are very hard to see


  • World to camera and camera to world transformations are wrong


  • Support for alternative location of OSL include files


  • Add support for AutodeskPointClouldMtl Multiplier option


  • Renamed former modes to Direct ... to indicate they are concerning direct illumination only


  • Add UI support for MDL parameter annotations

  • Add support for object space

  • Improve MDL error handling in case of unexpected parameters


  • Implement proxy preview caching


  • Add new fragment merge mode, where fragments are merged by render ID and z-depth


  • Add a light multiplier parameter


  • Add primary visibility control to aerial perspective


  • Deep EXR output through Spherical Camera generates wrong Z value for objects behind camera plane


  • Add an option to use environment variables in cache files paths

  • Display the viewport label only when there is no cache loaded

  • New Bezier and Spline ramp points should follow the slope of the curve

  • Option to disable the Optimizing Volumetrics rendering pre-pass

  • Reduce the memory usage of the mesh preview and rendering


  • Add an -offset option to make it easier to use Backburner

  • Optimize vdenoise.exe hardware accelerated version


  • Enable Buffer size (in MB) values of 0 and greater than 8000 in the GUI

Bug Fixes


  • Adaptive light artifacts with low LC subdivs

  • Artifacts with VRayEnvironmentFog and adaptive lights in certain situations

  • Crash when rendering VRayFur on Body Object through VRayPhysicalCamera (3ds Max 2016 and earlier)

  • Crash when updating textures with external programs while ActiveShade is running

  • Crash with Data Channel modifier Curvature operator

  • Faceted shading when using standard lights with VRayShadow with big area shadow size and Box type

  • First atmospheric effect result is applied twice if the next effect is aerial perspective with active set to false

  • Missing shadows of proxies when motion blur is on and Embree for motion blur is off

  • Incorrect reflective caustics on matte surfaces

  • Object's Subdivs multiplier has no effect for VRayFur, Ornatrix and ForestPro

  • Progressive sampler memory usage increases with each resumed frame

  • Wrong environment mapping in reflections of matte objects

  • Wrong render of V-Ray lights in Render mask Layer mode

  • Wrong render progress during loading and saving progressive resumable files

  • Zero render image dimensions are set when rendering with 3ds Max frame buffer and VFB region is set

V-Ray RT

  • Add VRayToon invert parameter to the export of render element

  • Animated texmap output amount is not rendered correctly in animations with production rendering

  • Artifact with direct lights and VRayEnvironmentFog

  • Artifact with volume grid and direct lights with shadow radius enabled

  • Changing the sampling parameters during interactive rendering breaks the sampling

  • Crash when opening the Material Editor with bitmap textures during ActiveShade session

  • DR server may become unusable if the file stream reception from the client is interrupted

  • Disappearing geometry with VRayLightMtl and Direct Illumination on during ActiveShade session

  • GLSL textures do not render

  • Missing first segment of RailClone object rendered with DR

  • Rendering never finishes when rendering animation with DR and no local host

  • Resumable rendering overwrites the render elements separate saved images for the skipped frames with the last frame's ones

  • Scenes with animated lights crash on second frame when rendered in production with DR

  • The static geometry option of VRayDisplacementMod is not exported properly when the displacement mode is subdivision

  • The first frame of animated FOV in PhysicalCamera renders wrong

  • VRayLightMtl Direct illumination subdivisions are not taken into account

  • VRayToon causes refraction fog color rendered more intense

  • Wrong progress bar with Production rendering

  • Rendering is restarted when OCIO is enabled/disabled in the VFB


  • Adaptive Lights are not updated after change in region/resolution during ActiveShade

  • Adaptive Lights space is always allocated even when adaptive lights are disabled

  • Add support for arbitrary clipper exclude list items

  • affect_alpha for dome light does not work for refraction rays

  • Animation stuck on the third frame in specific scene (out of process)

  • Artifact in the zenith of the sky with VRayAerialPerspective

  • Artifacts with Keep continuity of VRayDisplacementMod and VRayScannedMtl

  • VRayBlendMtl material not rendered with OpenCL rendering

  • CUDA clamps VRayLightMtl with assigned VRayColor

  • Camera lens distortion is not working when motion blur is ON

  • Camera position is not updated when using a Camera Map Per Pixel map in a scene with an animated camera

  • Can't make bump working with rounded edges and composite tex in Max

  • Crash with particular scene in V-Ray GPU in Max

  • Crash with render to texture in Max

  • Crash with shared VRayEdges textures between materials in specific scene

  • Different results with VRayClipper and Camera rays only option enabled

  • Dome light is visible in the alpha through matte object with opacity

  • Driver 380+ causes some scenes to render bitmaps with wrong UV

  • GI is calculated in with RT GPU mode, even when OFF

  • GPU LightCache reports increasing memory usage between frames when rendering animation

  • GPU renders black when BRDFVRayMtl::fresnel=1

  • Gradient color changes in VRaySoftBox are not handled properly

  • Improve triangle intersection precision

  • Installer should set CUDA_CACHE_MAXSIZE to at least 256MB

  • Memory leak with VRayMDLMtl

  • Objects with VRayOverrideMtl and Visible to camera off are still rendered in RT GPU

  • OpenCL renders black in active shade after a scene change

  • Reduce CPU usage when RT is paused

  • RT GPU (CUDA) doesn't render BRDFVRayMtl fog color texture

  • Reflection/Refraction are not matte when rendered with RT CUDA

  • Remove double adding to normals RE

  • Sometimes V-Ray may enter a deadlock when rendering with CUDA

  • Sphere lights with animated scale crash when rendered with motion blur

  • Stage 2 error with Forest Pack scene

  • Take into account the UVW generator when baking textures

  • TexAColorOp in power mode not working as expected

  • Textures are not rendered if the filename contains the "$" symbol

  • The Color opacity option has been suspended by V-Ray GPU mode

  • The Use pixel aspect button in the VFB doesn't work when rendering with GPU

  • The VFB is not getting reset after AL are built for GPU in Production rendering

  • VRayDenoiser produces artefacts on VRayProxy in the denoised result when DR

  • VRayDirt with bias is flickering in animations

  • VRayPhysicalCamera optical vignetting is not rendered with CUDA

  • VRayTriplanarTex was not rendered correctly with tiled UVs greater than 1

  • Washed out effect of Soft Light blending in Composite texture

  • Wrong alpha channel with VRayLights with Directional parameter above 0.0

  • Wrong progress bar with GPU Production rendering


  • Canceling copying of textured light causes crash in specific scene

  • IPR didn't stop when the VFB was closed

  • Random rendering start failure

  • Wrong 2D displacement with scene manipulations


  • There are files generated in the folder c:\user\vlado on DR render servers


  • VRayHDRI with Ground projection is not correctly projected on a plane that exactly coincides with the VRayHDRI ground
  • Textures with Ground projection enabled are not correct on matte objects when visible through reflection


  • Not working with VRayLightSelect render element


  • Missing shadows with dynamic geometry

  • Unhandled exception when mesh type clipper is used with 3ds Max standard lights and shadows


  • Crash when copying exclude lists, containing deleted nodes, through MaxScript

  • Exclude lists stop working properly after some modifications


  • Crash when rendering VRayFur placed on Body objects defined by splines (with any camera and from viewport)


  • Differences in scale between Particle Flow rendering natively and instanced

  • Export to .vrmesh of objects with large number of instances never completes

  • VRayInstancer does not render materials with bitmaps properly on the instanced geometry


  • Light meter object cannot be picked


  • Crash during rendering


  • All flyout buttons are not expandable during post-effect calculations

  • CC sliders' numeric value edit boxes are not scaled properly on HiDPI screens

  • Middle button panning gets disabled when there is the Pixel Info window open

  • Panning out of the VFB with real zoom on sticks

  • Pixel info shows values for the wrong image when Compare A|B is swapped

  • effectsResult channel is created even in create Render Elements only mode


  • Crash after scene reset

  • Exporting and rendering a scene causes crash with out-of-process V-Ray RT

  • Hard-coded textures in MDL materials render black

  • Index of refraction calculations are broken

  • Loading an mdl file after mdl_filename has been cleared through MaxScript crashes 3ds Max

  • Material parameters of enum types are not overridden

  • Materials with df::tint modifier have wrong shadows

  • NaNs are generated when shading degenerated faces

  • Not exported when inside a blend material

  • Opacity maps cause rendering artifacts

  • Stopping a render, resetting the scene and rendering again causes unhandled exception


  • Random crash on opening the Compact material editor


  • Wrong Face IDs with Alembic meshes


  • Broken normals with VRayMtl


  • Renders too dark


  • Crash on rendering end

  • Nodes with modified material in Snippet editor disappear in V-Ray RT renders


  • Nested refractive spheres don't get intersected correctly


  • The toon effect does not respect trace sets

  • VRayLight type Dome is completely covered with toon color in Orthographic renders


  • Unhandled exception when rendering with UDIM tiles


  • Artifacts when rendering overlapping containers in Volumetric Geometry mode

  • Black artifacts rendering with Light Cache when the container is inside refractive geometry with gray fog color

  • Can't use Stoke MX Field_texmap to control the smoke opacity channel

  • Exporting a .vrscene with VRayVolumeGrid calculates light and particle pre-passes

  • First frame is skipped when looped

  • Opening a cache file with a negative frame index does not load the rest of the sequence

  • The Loop Overlap option is not exported to V-Ray RT and .vrscene from 3ds Max

  • VRScenes exported from 3ds Max always have Probabilistic Volumetrics forced On

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Grouped lights are not displayed


  • Denoising on GPUs fails in a specific situation