The V-Ray Benchmark results page provides an extensive list of hardware combinations tested with V-Ray.


Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing V-Ray. Note that V-Ray is only supported for 64-bit operating systems.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel® or AMD® 64-bit processor with SSE 4.2 support


8 GB RAM and 8 GB swap minimum

GPUNVIDIA® GeForce® 780 GTX series card or higher with compute capability over 3.01 with NVIDIA Display driver 436.15 or higher. Non-supported GPU hardware fallbacks to CPU rendering
Unreal Engine Editor version4.20.3; 4.21.2; 4.22.3
Supported Operating SystemsWindows® 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows® 8 & 8.1 x64, Windows® 10



Please make sure you have the appropriate version of Visual Studio for project packaging in Unreal.


Unreal Engine Editor versionMinimum Visual Studio version
4.20.3VS 2017
4.21.2VS 2017
4.22.3VS 2017






 1 – CUDA compute capability and card reference