This section contains links to Procedural Textures found in V-Ray for Houdini.



V-Ray for Houdini adds a number of procedural textures specifically for use with V-Ray. See the links below for more information on specific Procedural Textures.


UI Path


||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Procedural Texture sub-menu

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Procedural Texture sub-menu

V-Ray Texture Samples



V-Ray Bercon Noise

V-Ray Bercon Tile

V-Ray Bercon Wood





V-Ray Bulge

V-Ray Cellular

V-Ray Checker





V-Ray Curvature

 V-Ray Dirt

V-Ray Distance





V-Ray Edges

V-Ray Falloff

V-Ray Fresnel





V-Ray Gradient Ramp

V-Ray Grid

V-Ray Multi





V-Ray Noise



V-Ray Rock

V-Ray Sky





V-Ray Smoke

V-Ray Snow

V-Ray Soft Box





V-Ray Speckle

V-Ray Splat

V-Ray Stencil







V-Ray Swirl

V-Ray Tiles

V-Ray Tri-Planar





V-Ray Water



V-Ray Surface Luminance

V-Ray UVW Component

V-Ray UVW To Texture