Official Release

Date – February 01, 2019

Download  Build 4.10.00



New Features


  • Support for rendering Unreal materials with V-Ray Hybrid rendering on both CPU and GPU
  • Added the VRayMtl, VRayPBRMtl and VRayCarpaintMtl to the V-Ray Category in the Add New drop down menu in the Content Browser

Modified Features


  • Support for Unreal Shading Models: Clear Coat
  • Interactive update for native Unreal materials.
  • Support for Unreal expressions: Bump Offset, CameraPositionWS, ConstantBiasScale, ReflectionVectorWS, Screen Position, SphereMask, TransformVector, VertexNormalWS, ViewProperty
  • Error reporting for unsupported Unreal materials, expressions, blend modes and shading models 


  • Updated Online License Server in installer to 5.2.1

Bug Fixes


  • Errors due to NVidia driver dependencies
  • Crashes if unsupported expressions, blend modes and shading models are used