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Official Release

Date - Sep 28, 2020

Download - Build 5.00.40



New features


  • Integrate the new installer design in V-Ray for Cinema 4D
  • Embed the License Server installation in the V-Ray for Cinema 4D installer

User Interface

  • Overhauled UI for V-Ray Render Settings
  • Overhauled UI for the V-Ray Render Elements manager
  • Overhauled UI for the V-Ray Material
  • Implement V-Ray Lights as separate objects
  • Redesigned icons and menu
  • Integrate V-Ray VFB as a native Cinema 4D window

User Interface

  • New V-Ray Virtual Frame Buffer with light mix and compositing capabilities


  • V-Ray is now based on V-Ray 5 Core
  • Implemented V-Ray Geometry tag for Displacing and Subdividing geometry
  • Implemented V-Ray Environment Fog as separate object
  • Implemented new V-Ray Proxy
  • Hash map based light cache
  • Adaptive Dome Light
  • Implemented blue-noise optimization for the DMC sampler
  • Implemented "Improved" sky model for V-Ray Sun
  • Added new Coat and Sheen render elements
  • Added new LightMix render element
  • Automatic Exposure Control and White Balance


  • Implement V-Ray GPU as a separate Production rendering engine
  • Added support for RT cores of NVIDIA RTX cards (RTX Engine)
  • Support for Bucket rendering
  • Ability to select devices directly inside Cinema 4D
  • Initial support for Out-of-Core rendering


  • Added additional Coat and Sheen layers to V-Ray Material
  • Added Metalness parameter to V-Ray Material to support PBR workflows
  • Added V-Ray Hair Next - new physically based hair material

V-Ray Denioser

  • Added Nvidia AI Denoiser