This page provides information on the VRayScene node.



VRayVRScene loads a previously saved .vrscene file for rendering inside of V-Ray for Houdini.


UI Path


||obj Network|| > Geometry node > V-Ray > V-RayScene




File (*.vrscene) – Specifies the .vrscene file to load.

Reload Scene – Reloads the scene.

Flip Axis – Switches objects from using the Z axis in the up direction to using the Y axis.

Z-up to Y-up

Expand Primitives – When enabled, a Primitive Group is created for each object in the VRScene file. In the case of VRScenes coming from Maya, for example, each Shape node generates a new Primitive Group.

Add Objects – When enabled, adds objects from the included file(s).

Add Lights – When enabled, adds lights from the included file(s)


Viewport Preview


Use Preview Faces – Uses a limited amount of preview faces.

Preview Faces – Sets the number of preview faces to be displayed.

Animated Preview – When enabled, a Poly-Reduced version of any animated present in the VRScene is displayed in the Viewport.


Animation Overrides


Use Animation Overrides – Enables the use of animation overrides.

Playback Type – Sets the way any animation in the .vrscene plays within your current scene.

Loop – The animation plays from the .vrscene using the Anim Length setting and if the time range in your current scene is longer than the length of the animation, it repeats the beginning of the animation again.
Once – The animation in the .vrscene plays just once and the end of the animation holds if the time range is longer than the length of the animation.
Ping-Pong – The animation plays from the .vrscene and if the end of the animation is reached, the animation plays in reverse towards the beginning of the animation and continues back and forth until the end of the time range.
Still – The animation holds the Anim Start frame for the duration of the time range.

Anim Speed – The pace at which the animation plays. The default of 1 plays at the speed for which the animation was created.

Anim Offset – The number of frames shifted between the animation and the time range.

Anim Start – The frame used for the beginning of the animation.

Anim Length – The number of frames used to play the animation.

Plugin Overrides

Use Plugin Overrides – Enables the following parameters found in the Plugin Overrides rollout.

Num. Mappings – Specifies the number of plugins that will be exported as materials.

Op. Path – Specifies the path to the material node.

Plugin Name – Specifies the name of the material that will be exported.

Snippet (*.vrscene) – Editor box expects data in the vrscene format.

Filepath (*.vrscene)  Directory pointing to the .vrscene file.


Import Material – Imports materials from the .vrscene file as nodes.



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