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This page provides information on the VRayClipper node.



VRayClipper is a geometric primitive that can be used to clip away parts of the scene with a simple plane or defined mesh object. It is a render-time effect and does not modify the actual scene geometry in any way.



Regular geometry


Geometry is cut with a VRayClipper object





UI Path: ||Toolbar|| > V-Ray menu icon > Geometry > VRayClipper




mesh – An optional input that specifies a mesh object to clip against instead of the default plane.

mtl – An optional input that specifies a material for filling in resulting holes.

excl/incl – An optional input that specifies a set of objects to exclude or include from the clipper effect. The set type is controlled by the Use exclusive set parameter.





Affect lights – When enabled, the clipper will affect area light sources as well.

Camera Rays only – The clipper will affect objects as they are directly seen by the camera, but they will appear unchanged to reflection/refraction/GI rays.

Clip lights geometry – Enables or disables the clipping of lights' geometry (for example a mesh light).

Use object material – When enabled, the clipper will use the material of each clipped object to fill in the resulting holes. When this is disabled, the material connected to the mtl input will be used.

Mesh mode – Enables the clipper to clip with a mesh object rather than a plane. A mesh must be connected to the mesh input to enable this option.

Mesh operation – Determines how to use the mesh when Mesh mode is enabled:

Intersection – Clips away anything that is outside the specified mesh; only render objects and parts of objects inside the specified mesh are retained.
Subtraction – Clips away anything inside the specified mesh; only render objects and parts of objects outside of the specified mesh are retained.

Use exclusive set – Toggles the exclusive/inclusive input set. When enabled, the set of objects connected to the excl input will not be clipped. When disabled, the excl input will switch to an incl input, and the clipper will only affect the connected set of objects.



  • VRayClipper works best with "closed" objects that have a corresponding back face. The results on open objects (without a corresponding back face) are not well defined.
  • VRayClipper might produce artifacts if there are overlapping triangles in the scene, regardless of whether they are part of the same object or not.