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This page provides details on using the V-Ray Sun and Sky Blueprint.

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A Sun light is a spherical light source placed at a specific location, which simulates the sun in the sky. Developed to work together, the V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Sky reproduce the real-life Sun and Sky environment of the Earth. Both are coded in a way that allows them to change their appearance depending on the Elevation and Azimuth of the Sun disk.



UI Paths

The VRaySunAndSky actor is accessible through the Modes > V-Ray Assets > VRaySunAndSky or from VRayForUnreal > Content > BP > Actors > VRaySunAndSky in the Content Browser Tree. Select the Blueprint and drag and drop it in the level.



||Modes Tab|| > V-Ray Assets VRaySunAndSky

||Content Browser|| > VRayForUnreal > Content > BP > Actors > VRaySunAndSky



















For the VRayForUnreal folder to be visible, you first need to enable Show Engine Content and Show Plugin Content in the View Options of the Content Browser.

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When creating VRaySunAndSky in Unreal make sure its location is set to 0,0,0; rotation is set to 0,0,0 and scale is set to 1,1,1. Also make sure you have only one VRaySunAndSky in the level.



VRaySunAndSky Settings



On – Turns the sun on and off.

Azimuth – Specifies the horizontal angle of the sun disk in degrees. Value ranges are from 0 to 360.

Elevation – Specifies the vertical angle of the sun disk in degrees. Value ranges are from 0 to 90. 

Turbidity – Determines the amount of dust in the air and affects the color of the sun and sky. Smaller values produce a clear and blue sky and sun, while larger values make them yellow and orange.

Ozone – Affects the color of the sun light. Available in the range between 0.0 and 1.0. Smaller values make the sunlight more yellow, larger values make it blue.

Intensity Multiplier – Determines the intensity value when overwriting the sun settings.

Size Multiplier – Controls the visible size of the sun. This affects the appearance of the sun disc as seen by the camera and reflections, as well as the blurriness of the sun shadows.


Auto Update – Enables the automatic update of the sky based on the sun position.

VRaySunAndSky will always override Background color in VRaySettingsEnvironment.