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This page provides information on the Wave Force component.


The Wave Force produces waves inside a liquid simulator, similar in size and speed to the waves obtained by displacing geometry with the Phoenix FD Ocean Texture. The Wave Force is used to create seamless interactive ocean simulations due to similarities between the simulated waves and the waves of the ocean extension.

The Wave Force will only influence liquid simulations where the Initial Fill Up option is enabled in the Dynamics rollout. 



Ocean map | ocean – Specifies the Ocean Texture map used as force generator. Third party maps cannot be used because the force is not obtained directly by applying the displacement field; an internal functionality is used instead.

Strength | strength – Specifies a multiplier of the nominal force. The nominal force produces wave height similar to the displaced waves. In most cases, the crests of these waves are not broken. If stormy waves with crests producing splash and mist are required, set this value around 4-6.

Affect | affect – Specifies the affected components of the simulation separated by commas. The supported elements are:

Liquid - affects the Liquid particles in a Liquid simulation.

Affect Names are not case sensitive and any unknown element found in the list is ignored.

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