This page provides details on the V-Ray for Unreal UI and how it is integrated into the Unreal interface.

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The V-Ray for Unreal toolbar gives you access to all of the settings and options available in V-Ray.




V-Ray Toolbar

The V-Ray toolbar allows you to render using V-Ray’s Interactive renderer and bake lighting with V-Ray Bake. From the V-Ray drop-down menu you can access the V-Ray frame buffer and open the V-Ray Settings tab. From the V-Ray Bake drop-down you can access the V-Ray Bake Settings tab.






 Button States

The V-Ray button has five states depending on the process that is currently running:



V-Ray is in idle mode, not processing or rendering the scene.




V-Ray is preparing the scene for rendering. Meshes, textures, materials and lights are cached into memory.




V-Ray is rendering the scene. Click on the button to stop rendering at any time.




V-Ray is unloading resources and exits rendering.




V-Ray has reached specified parameters in V-Ray Settings.


V-Ray Assets Category

The V-Ray Assets category in the Modes tab allows you to quickly create V-Ray related actors:



Import vrscene Dialogue

The V-Ray Scene Import Options window appears when you are importing .vrscene files into Unreal.

For more information, see the VRayScene page.